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payment agreement
Technical advantages
Blockchain technology appears in people's eyes with the core characteristics of decentralization, distribution and block irreversibility,. DAPC smart contract system at the beginning of the design, adhering to the concept of innovation, so that the blockchain can better serve the current and future enterprises; the main purpose is to provide blockchain private chain or blockchain alliance chain solutions.
smart contract system, every client is a local wallet. Users create one or more accounts in their local wallets and perform relevant account operations. Each account has a unique private key and a unique address. The account is divided into ordinary account, registered account, agency account, block account and contract account
DAPC contract system

Secure key management system

High performance system

Symmetric encryption algorithmP

Asymmetric encryption algorithm
Key agreement algorithm
Furunyuan intelligent contract system platform is based on dpos consensus mechanism
DAPC smart contract system platform
More powerful
It supports multi organization, multi accounting system, multi account book, amoeba, rapid elastic expansion and fast function iteration.
More secure data
Cooperate with Amazon to provide high-level data security, including ISO27001, SOC1, soc2, soc3 and CSA.
Contract transaction
The original contract transaction is only verified on the trustee's outbound node (the interpreter will be opened for execution), and the resulting transaction will be generated
Contract interpreter is a bytecode interpreter of glua, which is involved in the operation of smart contract or block synchronization verification in blockchain network

Contract interpreter